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About CynArt

CynArt is founded by Cynthia, yes, I know what you are thinking.

This website is inspired by one of my art teachers who is a part-time artist.  After learning about the situation many nonprofessional artists have been through, I decided to create CynArt to support these artists. We are a non-profit art community, mostly online. We hold regular Events for our members to participate in, in which we will meet new people and learn from each other. All we want is a better future for every art lover and person who plans to be a part-time professional artist. 

CynArt has customized services and inspiring content. We can offer you an entirely personalized VR Exhibition, from wall colour to painting frames for both 2-D and 3-D. artworks,  which helps you to better showcase portfolios and promote yourself.  Moreover, you can also register as an artist on the Bandsintown website and be an official artist shown on our Home page. Bandsintown can help you manage your public schedule for showing your artwork and also help fans to connect with you. 

If you are just an art lover, then, CynArt will be the best place for you to get close to the art world, learn interesting art knowledge, meeting new friends. We have ChatRooms that are open to every member who can also create their own rooms. However, the Forum is open to every visitor who clicked on this website. What if I don't want to socialise, but just learn more about art? Don't worry,  our blogs, albums, and channels will meet your needs. 

At last, it is our, especially Cynthia's, pleasure to assist every member, which, I hope, includes you. We will keep improving our services, and we will be really happy if you can share your thoughts on the website with us through either email or the chatbox below the screen. 

By the way, you can also get updates on CynArt from our Facebook [ search: Cyn Art ], Instagram [ search: cynnnart], YouTube [ search: CynArt] or WeChat Official Account [search: CynArt].


Art is so cool, and we can not wait to share her with you. 


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